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  • Workers' Compensation and Franchises
    Workers' Compensation and Franchises

    In December 2016, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected an appeal in a decision that would have changed the way franchise business model looked in the state. An employee of G21, a franchise of the ...

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  • 5 Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States
    5 Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States

    In 2015, almost 5,000 workers were killed on the job. That boils down to about 13 deaths a day. While certain people work under the assumption that they may face a serious, life-threatening injury ...

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  • Firefighters and Workers' Comp: The Basics
    Firefighters and Workers' Comp: The Basics

    Firefighting is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. In 2015, 68 firefighters died on the job, while another 68,085 were injured. About 29,130 of those injuries happened at the ...

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  • Workers' Comp FAQ
    Workers' Comp FAQ

    Seeking compensation for an injury you sustained on the job can be an intimidating process. Many people are worried about their employers’ reactions to their claim or feel like they can’t take time ...

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