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Workers' Compensation Benefits

Understanding Benefits Provided by Workers' Compensation

California employers are required to carry Workers' Compensation insurance to cover workers if they suffered injuries on the job, regardless of fault. Workers' compensation benefits can cover injuries from one-time accidents as well as repeated exposures at work.

Benefits provided under Workers' Compensation include:

  • Medical Treatment and Care, including doctor's visits, tests, medication, equipment, travel costs, and other reasonable expenses towards treating your injury.
  • Temporary Disability Benefits, covering wages while you are recovering from your injuries and unable to work.
  • Permanent Disability Benefits, which is provided to workers who do not recover completely and have suffered a permanent physical or mental disability.
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit, which includes job retraining or skills enhancement if you are unable to return to your original work.
  • Death Benefits, which are payable to the deceased worker's spouse, children, and other dependents.

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