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  • Outstanding Service
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    “I hurt my back on the job back in 2017. My first lawyer, unfortunately, bailed on me. A co-worker referred me to Gary Rodich. I’m glad I did!! He worked for my best interest and that was to help me recover and get the best medical treatment. I did!! Gary got me a settlement that I didn’t think I could get. With future medical service granted for me. Thank you Mr. Rodich for getting me the best results.”

    Oscar Garza

  • Great Lawyer Goes Above and Beyond
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    “Gary and his team definitely took care of me. Every time I needed reassurance they were always there to speak with me. That personal touch you don’t get nowadays. Case closed woohoo! I totally recommend the Law Office Of Gary Rodich.”

    Jessica J

  • Best Service Ever
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    “Gary and Lucy guided me every step of the way during my long recovery. Fantastic service all the way. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Guys..”

    Robert Page

  • Very Assertive, Attentive, and Very Professional
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    “Gary and his staff were very assertive, attentive, and very professional in helping me in my case. They made sure I received the most out of my case. I'm beyond grateful for their services and would highly recommend them to any who has legal actions. THANK YOU!!!!”

    Francisco J. Vazquez

  • Professional, Determined, Reliable, Encouraging, and Most of All a Blessing!!
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    “I want to thank Gary Rodich and the team very much for all your hard work. I appreciate you all for doing your best in helping my kids and me. This help from the settlement is a blessing from you all for my kid's future in having a better opportunity for their education/ health only God knows what tomorrow brings. You're a great team, very professional and I will definitely recommend people to you. Thanks so much and God bless you all.”

    Carla Scharfe

  • I Highly Recommend Gary Rodich and His Staff
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    “Thank you, Gary Rodich, Lucy, and staff for your attention and professionalism. I appreciate all you've done to ensure our cases were settled with fairness and proper care. I highly recommend your services to anyone that is in need of a great attorney.”


  • Reliable and professional
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    “Mr. Rodrich and his staff really care about you! They will fight for you and keep you informed. I would really recommend their services!”


  • I thank The Law Offices of Gary Rodich for their years of service and recommend these services to all that require them!
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    “To all that require workers compensation representation, The Law Offices of Gary Rodich is your one stop shop to get you back to the position you were in before the need for representation arose! The level of professionalism and knowledge is phenomenal and only rivaled by the immense care and compassion the Office has for their clients. I thank The Law Offices of Gary Rodich for their years of service and recommend these services to all that require them!”

    Mark F.

  • Best Representation you Can Have!
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    “Dear Reader, An injury is the worst thing that can happen to a person but what is even more devasting is the runaround one has to deal with...... Insurance companies, bills, endless paperwork and the lack of proper medical care.... to name only a few. It is extremely stressful to understand the legal system when you are dealing with an injury, trying to gather your life and keep yourself healthy. A letter saying "Your rights may be lost if you don't respond within 10 days," isn't the ideal stress one needs to address as they lie on a recovery bed. Team Rodich provided me guidance and clarity regarding complications with my injury and multiple surgeries to follow. My case had twist and turns and required knowledge, experience and extensive understanding. Mr. Rodich was very involved and aware of the details of my case at all times. I had many questions and his Team (Lucy) always took the time to respond in a timely manner. My injury played a very big role in my life since I have a family to support; but I am glad that I chose Rodich Law to assist me……. Thank you to Mr. Gary Rodich, Mr. Barry Rodich and Lucy for their understanding, compassion and hard work in my case. You will get the best advise, representation and outcome! No sugar coated false promises here.... Go to bed knowing that you need to focus on recovering from your injury and that Team Rodich has you covered.”


  • Both Gary and his staff were very professional, attentive, and caring
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    “Gary Rodich worked on my mom's Workmen's Comp. claim for over three years. During that time both Gary and his staff were very professional, attentive, and caring. My mom always felt that Gary had her best interest in mind. Gary did outstanding work on my mom's case. Our family feels that everyone in the same type of situation should have a consultation with Gary before considering anyone else. Thank you Gary for the support and outcome on the case. You are amazing at what you do!”

    Darla & Family

  • Both Mr. Rodich and his staff represented me with the upmost [sic] standards and ensured that both me and my case earned every last cent. A millions times THANK YOU!!
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    “I got injured at work and to make matters worse the company where I worked at was being poisonous and hostile!!! It was extremely important for me to find an Attorney who would help and defend me and my rights. Gary Rodich is professional, attentive, and most importantly he genuinely cared for me during my case. His staff was always courteous and always followed up with me regarding any questions or concerns. Both Mr. Rodich and his staff represented me with the upmost [sic] standards and ensured that both me and my case earned every last cent. A millions times THANK YOU!!”

    Patricia S.

  • Case closed....spoke with Gary he was a gentleman.
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    “Case closed....spoke with Gary he was a gentleman...that was how adults should handle disagreements...good luck In the future.”

    Emmanuel B.

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