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  • Catastrophic Auto vs Motorcycle Accident
    One of our clients was catastrophically injured in an auto vs motorcycles accident. as a result of the accident the applicant lost use of his left arm below his shoulder. Multiple medical procedures later and with additional issues to the workers neck and back and the need for life time medical treatment and care. Our client received an 11 million dollar settlement assuring that he will never have to work another day in his life and that all his medical needs will be taken care of.
  • Injured Worker

    Settlement for an injured worker who lost the use of his arm in an auto accident going home from work.

    Our client was leaving work to make a delivery for his employer. He, unfortunately, entered into a serious auto accident which resulted in the total loss of use of his arm along with neck, back, and psychiatric injuries. Future medical was going to result in multiple surgeries and possible psych hospitalization. Two years of negotiation netted out client a settlement of $11,000,000.

  • Payments & Treatment for Life

    Our client sustained an injury when he was run over by a car. After receiving considerable medical treatment for several years, our client received a civil settlement of $4.75 million. Traditionally when an injured worker receives a civil settlement, the settlement proceeds are deducted against any award they receive in Workers Compensation. At trial, our office was successful in getting Defendant to waive any credit rights they had. Additionally, we were able to get our client an additional $126,000, payments for the rest of his life, and his future medical care covered for the rest of his life.

  • Pedestrian Accident Victim
    Our client was crushed between a tow truck and a pole. as a result of the injury the applicant was hospitalized for 30 days and developed back, neck, and leg problems. the injured worker also developed a blood problem that required lifetime medicine to manage medical issues which arose from thyroid issues that were aggravated by the worker's injury. The insurance company and our firm were able to resolve the continuing costs of the treatment and medicine for over 3 million dollars assuring the worker's medical needs are taken care of for the rest of their life...our continued dedication to protecting our client's future needs allowed us to reject earlier offers of 1 million dollars and raise the offer to the 3 plus million dollar settlement.
  • Back Injury
    A machine operator represented by Rodich Law injured her back while lifting a box of thread at work. After a long and difficult course of treatment and care, it was ultimately decided she needed surgery. The insurance company refused to authorize the back surgery for our client. Rodich Law forced the insurance company to trial on the issue of back surgery. After convincing a Judge to authorize the back surgery the applicant underwent the surgery the applicant’s case eventually settled for $1.5 Million dollars.
  • Wage and Hour Suit & Injured Back

    The injured worker sustained injury on the job to his low back. Initially Defendant offered $5,000 dollars to resolve the case. The offer was rejected and ultimately Rodich Law won at Trial on the issue of injury. Rodich Law then obtained benefits for the injured worker. In review of the wage statements provided by Defendant, Rodich Law noticed wage and hour violations. Our office was able to assist in procuring a $1.2 million settlement on behalf of the injured worker and all similarly situated employees and a $55,000 dollar of the injured workers low back claim.

  • Lifetime Benefits - Repetitive Work Injuries

    The applicant sustained an injury to his neck and back due to repetitive work. The case was originally denied by the insurance company and employer. After successfully overturning the denial, we were able to obtain multiple back surgeries for the applicant. Defendant made an offer of $150,000.00 which was rejected. After taking the case to trial, we were able to obtain an award of 100% which guaranteed the applicant lifetime benefits. Subsequent to our favorable trial decision, we resolved the future medical component for $1.2 million.

  • Ankle Injury

    Rodich Law represented a laborer who fractured his ankle jumping off the back of a work truck. After surgery where two pins were put in his ankle, he developed a diabetic condition which Rodich Law obtained approval for medical treatment and care. The initial offer to settle this case was $75,000.00. After lengthy negotiations, we were able to get the insurance company to increase the offer to $975,000.00.

  • Automobile Accident - Personal Injury

    Our law firm settled a personal injury claim as a result of an automobile accident occurring in July of 2021. In July of 2021 our client was traveling in Agoura Hills California when his car was struck by a negligent driver. Our client sustained injuries to his spine and neck. After 3-4 months of physical therapy our client eventually had a microdiscectomy surgery to his low back.

    The insurance company attempted to argue that the accident did not lead to the need for the surgery and offered $50,000 to resolve the claim. After, a year of depositions and discovery they increased their offer to $400,000. Believing the value of the claim was greater than that we continued with aggressive case handling and eventually resolved the claim for $975,000 for our client. A truly great result.

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