Successful Cases

For over 30 years, the Law Offices of Gary Rodich continues to aggressively pursue each client’s interests and work toward the best possible outcome in every case. We have had numerous settlements in excess of a million dollars in value, and in total, have recovered more than $6 million on behalf of clients. We are not afraid to take a case to Trial if we feel our client is not getting fair value from the insurance company. We offer the following success stories to demonstrate the results achieved by our office.

    • Settlement for injured worker $11,000,000.00

      $11,000,000 settlement for injured worker who lost use of his arm in auto accident going home from work

      Our client was leaving work to make a delivery for his employer. He unfortunately entered into a serious auto accident which resulted in the total loss of use of his arm along with neck, back and psychiatric injures. Future medical was going to result in multiple surgeries and possible psych hospitalization. Two years of negotiation netted out client a settlement of $11,000,000..

    • Settlement for Catastrophic Auto vs Motorcycle Accident $11,000,000.00

      One of our clients was catastrophically injured in an auto vs motorcycles accident. as a result of the accident the applicant lost use of his left arm below his shoulder. Multiple medical procedures later and with additional issues to the workers neck and back and the need for life time medical treatment and care. Our client received an 11 million dollar settlement assuring that he will never have to work another day in his life and that all his medical needs will be taken care of.

    • Settlement for Pedestrian Accident Victim $3,200,000.00

      Our client was crushed between a tow truck and a pole. as a result of the injury the applicant was hospitalized for 30 days and developed back, neck and leg problems. the injured worker also developed a blood problem which required life time medicine to manage medical issues which arose from thyroid issues which were aggravated by the workers injury. The insurance company and our firm were able to resolve the continuing costs of the treatment and medicine for over 3 million dollars assuring the workers medical needs are taken care of for the rest of there life...our continued dedication to protecting our clients future needs allowed us to reject earlier offers of 1 million dollars and raise the offer to the 3 plus million dollar settlement

    • Settlement Obtained for Injured Housekeeper $3,000,000.00

      A housekeeper represented by the Law Offices of Gary Rodich injured his back while lifting a bag of dog food for his employer. After multiple surgeries to his spine he subsequently developed psychiatric and internal complaints. We were successful in obtaining approval for psychiatric treatment for the injured worker after being denied by the insurance company. After an initial offer to settle the case of $100,000.00, we aggressively pushed forward to trial. On the date of trial our offices obtained a settlement in the amount of $3 million dollars which took care of the injured workers needs for life.

    • Machine Operator for Botched Surgery $1,300,000.00

      A machine operator represented by the Law Offices of Gary Rodich injured her back while lifting a box of thread at work. After a long and difficult course of treatment and care, it was ultimately decided she needed surgery. The insurance company refused to authorize the back surgery for our client. The Law Offices of Gary Rodich forced the insurance company to trial on the issue of back surgery. After convincing a Judge to authorize the back surgery the applicant underwent the surgery the applicant’s case eventually settled for $1.5 Million dollars.

    • Laborer wins $995,000.00 for Injured Ankle $995,000.00

      The Law Offices of Gary Rodich represented a laborer who fractured his ankle jumping off the back of a work truck. After surgery where two pins were put in his ankle he developed a diabetic condition which the Law Offices of Gary Rodich obtained approval for medical treatment and care. The initial offer to settle this case was $75,000.00. After lengthy negotiations, we were able to get the insurance company to increase the offer to $975,000.00

    • Settlement Obtained for Restaurant Manager $949,700.00

      manager at a mimis cafe slipped and fell. defendants initially made little efforts to obtain treatment and attempted to minimize the injured workers claim. many years of treatment and care later the applicant developed bilateral knee problems and had multiple surgeries including back surgery. we were successful in having the applicant declared totally disabled. the injured worker continued to obtain treatment and care. we were successful in having the insurance company pay 100,000 dollars more to move the applicant to a downstairs apartment and pay for increased rent. AS the claim went on the insurance company offered $650,000 to settle the claim. We eventually were able to increase the offer to settle the claim for $949,700.

    • Recoveries Won for Injured Teacher’s Aide $750,000.00

      A teacher’s aide slipped while on-the-job and suffered what seemed to be a minor injury. However, as time went on, the injury worsened significantly and needed surgeries to address. The insurance company acting as opposition wanted to settle for a minimal amount but our team at the Law Offices of Gary Rodich is adamant about getting every penny our clients’ need and deserve. It took a bit more than a year but we were able to get her five times as much compensation as she was first offered, ending at a healthy $750,000.

    • Continuous physical injury over 18 years of work $600,000.00

      Long term employee gets $600,000 for continuous physical injury over 18 years of work

      Our client was a long term employee of a construction company. as a result of his 18 years of hard physical labor the applicant required neck surgery ,back surgery and a knee replacement. The insurance companies original offer to settle the case was $75,000. Our aggressive approach at Trial and continued negotiation ended with a settlement of $600,000 for the injured worker who said "he never has to work another day in his life" due to this settlement.

    • Settlement for Over-Worked Electrician $600,000.00

      Our client was a long term employee of an electronic company who was required to work 60 hour weeks. after 15 years of employment he was fired based upon a down sizing of the company. we filed a stress claim on his behalf. the insurance company denied the claim and offered $5,000 to settle the claim in its early stages. we were eventually sucessfull in having the employer accept the stress claim. after two years of temporary disability and treatment and care we were able to settle the claim for $600,000 making a very happy and satisfied client.

    • Settlement for maintenance supervisor $500,000.00

      $500,000 settlement for maintenance supervisor

      Injured worker tore his Achilles heal while performing his job as a maintenance supervisor. The insurance company took an initial position of denying the case. After proceeding to Trial and winning on the issue of whether the injury happened at work the insurance company agreed to pick up all back temporary disability and surgery. The surgery ended up causing the injured worker to need dialysis. After a very aggressive negotiation we were successful in getting the applicant a settlement of $500,000

    • Settlement For Long Term Jeweler $350,000.00

      A Jeweler sustained injury because of his repetitive work duties. Defendants at the beginning of the case offered to settle for $5,000.00. After getting his case accepted and getting the insurance company to authorize medical treatment, his case settled for $350,000.

    • Settlement For Injured Tech $340,000.00

      $340,000 settlement for injured worker who was hit in the back of a head by a metal rod falling while exiting his workspace.

      After pushing aside a curtain to leave, the curtain rod fell on his head. As a result, he developed speech impediments and other cognitive issues. With significant treatment across a couple years, our client made significant improvements. We secured a $340,000.00 settlement on his behalf.

    • Injured Rock Star Receives 25 Times Initial Settlement Offer $250,000.00

      After a popular rock star performer took a spill during a live concert and seriously injured his neck, he was only offered a $10,000 settlement. Our Woodland Hills workers’ compensation attorneys from the Law Offices of Gary Rodich fought tooth-and-nail for his rights, including taking the case into litigation. We won a final total of $250,000 in recoveries for him, or 25 times greater than what he was first offered.

    • Settlement For Repetitive Work Injuries $245,000.00

      A flight attendant sustained injury because of her repetitive work duties. The insurance company offered $20,000 in lieu of continuing to litigation. However, the offer was rejected and ultimately the case settled for $245,000.00.

    • Settlement Obtained for Knee Injury $212,000.00

      Our client injured his knee while working. Given the findings it was determined that he would need a knee arthroplasty. Prior to retaining Rodich Law, Defendant refused to authorize a knee arthroplasty or give the monies for our client to pay for it on his own. After taking an aggressive approach and pushing to trial, Defendants agreed to pay our client 212,000 to cover his medical needs for his knee.

    • Settlement for Back Injury $125,000.00

      Our client injured his back while working at a construction site. Prior to retaining our firm, Defendant offered our client $5,000.00 to resolve his claim in lieu of continued litigation. However, we continued to push forward getting the applicant treatment for back surgery and eventually settling his claim for 125K.

    • Settlement For Maintenance Supervisor $100,000.00

      $100,000 settlement for injured worker who hurt his back lifting. While at work, our client was lifting when he injured his back. He had several surgeries before retaining our law firm’s representation. When he retained us, the insurance company didn't want to authorize another surgery. We were able to get the insurance company to authorize the additional surgery and a settlement for ten times their original offer.

    • Recoveries Won for Stress Claim $60,000.00

      Our client was attacked at work by a co-worker. Eventually she was sent to a doctor for independent evaluation. That doctor indicated that her stress was not because of work but because of other events in her life. To aggravate matters, because of the reporting, Defendant was asserting that she owed them $39,000. Our firm was able to get defendant to walk away from $39,000 and pay an extra $60,000.00 in a lump sum.

    • Wounded Police Officer Given Treatment & Career ? All Surgeries Paid For

      The Law Offices of Gary Rodich was honored to be able to manage a claim for a Los Angeles Police Department officer who was hurt while working. He needed back surgery, which was denied by the City of LA. On top of that hardship, the LAPD wanted to discharge the wounded officer because he could not complete regular job duties. We fought the City and protected a protector as a result by securing the necessary surgeries without additional costs to him and making certain he kept his job.

    • Medical Care & Payment for Life

      Lifelong care and pay for injured police dispatcher. A police dispatcher sustained several injuries during the course and scope of her work. She underwent several surgeries as a result, all of them paid for by her insurance provider. After her surgeries, she still needs more treatment and care. The Law Offices of Gary Rodich got her treatment and medical care covered for the rest of her life, as well as a settlement that will continue to pay her for the rest of her years.