Types of Disability Evaluation Unit Ratings

Posted on: April 16th, 2013 by admin

After you are injured at work, notify your employer and secure a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney that you trust, an evaluation from the Disability Evaluation Unit (DEU) will often take place. This unit is the department of the California Division of Workers’ Compensation that is responsible for determining permanent disability ratings. To assign these ratings, they evaluate professional medical descriptions of mental and physical impairment based on guidelines and precedents.

Once these ratings are released, workers’ compensation administrative law judges, insurance claim administrators and injured workers themselves use them to calculate what permanent disability benefits the injured worker is entitled to.

There are three different kinds of ratings that the DEU provides: a formal rating, which is completed when a workers’ compensation judge requests one, a consultative rating, which is completed when an attorney or DWC information and assistance officer requests one on a litigated case, and a summary rating, which is provided for non-litigated cases when claims administrators or injured workers request one.