Post Injury Work Restrictions

Posted on: April 25th, 2013 by admin

Often after a work related injury occurs, your doctor will give you temporary work restrictions to ensure that you heal properly. When you return to work, it is best to take a copy of these restrictions to your employer and discuss how you can still do your job while meeting these restrictions.

If your employer assigns you a task or job that is in violation of these restrictions, you legally do not need to accept the assignment. You should make your Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney aware of the situation as early as possible in case it does develop into a larger issue, but first explain to your employer how the assignment violates the restrictions and why you cannot accept it.

If they have simply made a mistake and overlooked a restriction, then the situation is usually resolved. If they make threats or get angry though, they may be in violation of California Labor Code section 132a, which stipulates that employers may not discriminate in any way against injured workers and you may need to take further action with your attorney.