Case Resolution

Posted on: May 2nd, 2013 by admin

Once you and your Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney have successfully navigated all of the steps of filing for workers’ compensation, your case will eventually be resolved. While this may seem like a far off dream to some of you, don’t despair: it will happen.

A case is considered resolved when you and your lawyer have reached an agreement with your claims administrator. If that doesn’t happen, then a judge will issue orders about your medical care and compensation payments. A workers’ compensation administrative law judge reviews all settlements once they are reached to ensure that they fairly cover your injury and all consequences.

There are two separate settlements that you may reach, the first being Stipulations with Request for Award, with regular payments and medical care covered, and the second being Compromise and Release, where there is one payment and future medical care can be covered from that lump sum. Once your case is resolved, you may return to work or seek an alternate job if you don’t feel comfortable returning.